Have you ever heard of an incomplete abortion? Does this mean a woman could still be pregnant after an abortion procedure?

Education about the signs, symptoms, and complications of incomplete abortion for women considering pregnancy termination is vital. 

We’ve got the answers to all your questions regarding incomplete abortions right here.

What Is An Incomplete Abortion?

Much like the name suggests, an incomplete abortion occurs when some of the pregnancy tissue is left behind following a termination procedure. This does not mean a woman is still pregnant, but that some tissue was mistakenly left behind. 

Incomplete abortions can occur following medical or surgical abortions; however, women who elect for the abortion pill are at higher risk of experiencing this complication. 

Medical abortions (abortions using the abortion pills)  pose an increased risk of incomplete abortion due to their non-invasive nature. Research has also suggested that older women may be at higher risk for experiencing incomplete abortions as well. 

Symptoms To Watch For 

Signs of an incomplete abortion may vary from person to person. Here’s a list of what women commonly experience with this termination complication:

  • Moderate to severe vaginal bleeding
  • Lower abdominal and/or lower back pain
  • Pelvic pain

Choosing The Best For You

Are you experiencing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? It is common and human to feel scared, overwhelmed, and lost. At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, we desire to empower women and their partners, so they feel confident in their own decisions. 

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