Options in pregnancy include abortion, adoption, and parenting. In Georgia, abortion is banned for pregnancies past 6 weeks. Exceptions to the ban include when a woman’s life or health is in danger due to the pregnancy or if the pregnancy results from rape or incest.

This ban means that pregnant women in Georgia have the following options:

  • Traveling out of state for an abortion
  • Placing their child for adoption
  • Parenting their child

Traveling for an Abortion

Since the abortion pill is only approved for use in pregnancies under 10 weeks, traveling in the second trimester for abortion would involve a surgical abortion. 

When contemplating an out-of-state abortion, consider the following:

  • Before an abortion, a woman needs to obtain an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy’s viability, date, and location. 
  • Each state has its own abortion laws. Some have mandatory waiting periods or require counseling before an abortion. This can increase a woman’s stay and the associated costs.
  • Abortion is a serious medical procedure with a risk of complications. A woman obtaining an abortion in another state must plan for a medical provider in her area to provide follow-up or emergency care.


Adoption is usually the best choice for women who do not want to parent their child but want to know they are alive and in a loving home. Though this decision requires a woman to carry her child to term, the sacrifice can be rewarding. 

Adoption is filled with options beginning with the plans available. 

  • Open: The birth mother can choose the adoptive parents for her child and even meet them before the birth. They also have the choice to stay in open contact with the adoptive family. 
  • Semi-open: The birth mother and adoptive family communicate through a third party, usually the adoption agency. The identifying information for all parties remains confidential. 
  • Closed: The birth mother has no contact with her child after birth. Her and the adoptive family’s information are sealed and remain confidential.


Many women doubt their ability to parent when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. Motherhood is a challenging role, so it is normal to have these doubts. Learning more about the support and resources available for parents may quiet those doubts so you can determine if parenting would be an option with some help. Parenting support is available locally and may include the following:

  • Financial support
  • Childcare and housing
  • Parenting education
  • Material goods

Learn More About Your Options

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