What to Expect: A Pregnancy Test Appointment

Do you know what to expect at an appointment with us? When fielding phone calls for the office, we often get asked, “What do you do?” Our services include pregnancy tests, material assistance, learning programs, referrals, etc. Our goal is to serve our clients holistically which is why we offer all that we can. Here are five things to expect from a pregnancy test appointment at one of our locations.

Five Things to Expect at a Pregnancy Test Appointment

1. Free services

All of our services are free. All we require is that you provide a photo identification at your appointment.

4. Confidentiality

Each client will be seen by a client advocate and a medical staff member. No guests are allowed in the appointment rooms to protect privacy and ensure a safe environment for all clients. (We do allow family to attend ultrasound appointments at the client’s request).

3. Intakes

Each client will first meet with a client advocate that will work through all initial questions. This portion of the appointment ensures that we are able to provide the best and most complete care possible. Next, the client will meet with the medical staff member that will complete necessary medical paperwork and perform the pregnancy test.

3. Pregnancy Test

Our pregnancy tests are lab quality urine tests. We do not perform blood tests. The test will be read by our medical staff, and we are able to provide a proof of pregnancy for insurance upon request. After the test, we will discuss options, give needed referrals, and explain further services that we provide. If needed, the medical staff can perform an ultrasound evaluation to determine if the client is eligible to receive an ultrasound with us.

5. Follow-up

After a visit with us, we will follow-up with each client to see how she is doing. We will remind her of our Earn While You Learn program.

Here for You

If you have further questions about our pregnancy test appointments, you can call or text us at (912) 826-1133. Our center is open Monday through Friday, and our medical mobile unit is available three days a week in different locations. Our goal is to be “here for you” as our motto states!