A Word from Our Nurse Manager

“We care about you! We want to serve you and help you as you are making decisions and moving forward in your life,” says Kendra Collins, a registered nurse of thirty years and the nurse manager for our center. She wants our clients to feel welcome and safe while getting the help they need.

How did she get here?

In the past, Kendra has gained experience in radiology, cardiac rehab, and wound care. In 2014, she came to the center to fill the nurse manager position and has been with us ever since. 

“I had a passion for women to be healthy and make wise choices,” she shares. “I, also, had a strong desire and calling to share the love of Jesus and His hope of salvation with my patients.” Her work gives her opportunities to do both. 

What does she do?

Kendra works in the center and on our mobile unit. Under the leadership of Dr. Scarbrough, our medical director, Kendra oversees the day-to-day operations of the medical staff and services. She sees patients for pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and intakes. In addition, she ensures that all medical, nursing, and psychosocial services are performed professionally and correctly. Kendra works with our director, Anna, to train and equip staff and volunteers. “Our center staff and volunteers have a unique unity that is refreshing and focuses on our walk with Christ and our love for our clients and their families,” she shares. 

What does she want our clients to know?

Along with her managerial work, Kendra is passionate about the women she serves in a holistic way. She strives to do her work with excellence in order to best serve each client that walks in the door in whatever situation the client is facing. “I find it a blessing to be able to work with women and genuinely provide help!” Kendra continues, “I also love that I have the privilege of working alongside women who love all of our clients unconditionally and have hearts to seek to meet needs.” 

How can a client receive help?

If you or someone you know is in need of our services, you can contact us here. We are able to see patients in four locations: Rincon, Pooler, Garden City, and Pembroke. You can learn more about what we do by following us on our social media accounts. Find us on Instagram and Facebook!