I was rushing to my next class when my phone gave its familiar buzz in my pocket. I reached down to see a text from my best friend and opened to read the words, “I’m pregnant.” I remember feeling panicked for her because I immediately knew that this was not a planned pregnancy. How can I help? What do I say?

 You may be facing similar circumstances. It is good to have that kind of trust from a friend, but how do we make sure to care for them well? 

 Helpful Tips: 

  • Listen carefully and calmly! If this conversation happens face-to-face or over the phone, be sure to be attentive to your friend. Be sure not to add to their struggling feelings with some of your own. 
  • Ask helpful questions. Remember that you are trying to help her process and not panic. How are you feeling? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Have you told anyone? 
  • Act with kindness. When you have taken time to listen and understand your friend’s situation, then you are equipped to encourage her through her next steps.  

 What’s next? How can I help? 

Your friend needs helpful information. Sometimes in moments of panic it is difficult to sift through the excessive information that you can find online. At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, we offer accurate information from kind, caring medical staff.  

 She may not be sure what decision she would like to make for her pregnancy. If she is considering abortion, she will need important information about her pregnancy. Is the pregnancy viable? How far along is she? If she is considering the abortion pill, is she sure that is a safe option for her stage of pregnancy?

If she is planning to carry her pregnancy to term, she will want to know how to proceed with a healthy pregnancy. Does she have pregnancy insurance? Does she have a doctor? 

 She may want to discuss her pregnancy symptoms with a medical professional and have a lab quality pregnancy test and ultrasound. We offer these services and more at no charge.  

 All of our clients can receive a pregnancy test read by a medical professional. In most cases, we are able to offer an ultrasound to our clients. Our staff is equipped to refer your friend to other helpful agencies (e.g. food assistance, adoption services, etc.), help your friend learn more about abortion procedures*, provide her with a proof of pregnancy for insurance, a list of local doctors and more! 

 Call or text us today for more information. We are here for you and your friend!  

*We do NOT perform or refer for abortion.