Pregnant and wondering what to do next? If your pregnancy was unexpected, seeing that positive test can be devastating. It’s common to think an abortion is your only option, but there are alternatives.

Adoption is one of the alternatives to abortion that essentially provides women the same outcome. You deserve to know all the facts so you can make an informed decision about your future. Here’s a quick breakdown of what an abortion or adoption may look like.  


Women considering an abortion have two options: medical or surgical abortion. 

A medical abortion uses two drugs known as mifepristone and misoprostol that work within the body to terminate a pregnancy. More commonly known as the abortion pill, a medical abortion is only effective for women up to approximately their 9th week of pregnancy. 

Surgical abortions take place in a hospital or clinic. The process involves dilating the cervix and using either a vacuum or forceps to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. 

Risks associated with abortions include heavy bleeding, infection, digestive system discomfort, damage to the uterus or cervix, and scar tissue. 

While some women report feelings of relief following an abortion, others document feelings of intense regret. 


The adoption process begins when women are introduced to reputable adoption organizations. These organizations can pair a birth mother with an advocate to guide her through the entire adoption process and provide information and support along the way. 

Birth mothers will have the opportunity to select the family that will adopt their child. This can be a very empowering experience, as it allows women to imagine the love and care their child will receive. 

Women who choose adoption typically receive some kind of financial aid. Sometimes this is in the form of costs for prenatal appointments, housing allocations, or maternity clothes allowances. For women who choose adoption support is available.  

However, the adoption process comes with its own set of challenges. Women often go through a season of grieving following an adoption. Many adoption organizations offer post adoption support. 

Finding Support 

For more information about abortion or adoption, visit Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon. Our staff exists to provide information and support to women in a friendly, judgment-free environment. 

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