Announcing a pregnancy can be filled with joy or anxiety. Everyone’s situation is different, and personalities come into play in how people respond to the news. Whether your pregnancy is planned or a surprise, the way you present the news is important. 

“I’m pregnant,” randomly thrown out over dinner dishes is not the ideal way to share big news. Even the most supportive of parents can be taken by surprise and react negatively. So, let’s discuss five tips for pregnancy announcements to your parents!

Five Tips for Announcing Pregnancy to Parents

  1. Choose good timing! You may feel that you are in the ideal spot to be preparing for a new baby. Or you may feel totally shocked to be facing a pregnancy yourself. You may have a strained relationship with your parents or a great one. No matter your situation, remember that giving your parents appropriate setting and timing to respond to the news is important. Consider what is going on. Be sure your parents are settled and won’t be overwhelmed. (Don’t tell them as they are getting ready to leave or while they are distracted by tv, etc.).
  2. Find the right words. Blurting out the news is not the best plan. Consider ways to preface your news and prepare them for the emotions they may feel! “I have some big news…” or “There is something important I need to tell you.” 
  3. Consider having a support person. If you’re married or in a relationship, will your significant other be joining you for the conversation? If your relationship with the father is not ideal, will you need the support of a friend? You may want to have someone with you if you are preparing for a difficult response. If you are expecting excitement, you may want to have someone with you to share in that moment!
  4. Give them time to respond. Some people take a few moments to fully process big news! Therefore, the initial reaction may not be how they really feel or make sense to the news. Allow your parents the time that they need to process and express their feelings. Remember that no matter how excited or negative your parents may feel, this is your pregnancy. 
  5. Share how you feel. Remember to convey your own feelings. Just like you want to listen to your parents’ feelings, yours are very important! Let them know if you are nervous, thrilled, scared, joyful, etc. 

When It’s Over

After sharing your pregnancy news, you will likely feel relieved! Even in the best of relationships, pregnancy announcements brings some nerves. Once your news is out, you can move on to making plans and taking care of your own pregnancy decisions. 

If you need support in sharing your news or you are unsure of your options, you can visit the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon. We have resources to help you weigh your options. We are prepared to help you in your unique situation! 


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