What to Expect: EWYL Appointment

Earn While You Learn Program

Earn While You Learn or EWYL is a program that our center offers. Clients that are a part of this program can receive education and baby items. Our education topics include parenting, communication, birth, and more! Baby items range from things as small as pacifiers and as large as cribs, and everything in between. Education and earning items are the two parts to each EWYL appointment.

The Two Parts:

Education: At a first EWYL appointment, clients will be able to choose from a list of videos and literature on various topics or complete studies one-on-one with a client advocate. These include Laugh and Learn About Childbirth, Financial Peace from Dave Ramsey, Happiest Baby on the Block and much more! Some options are completed in one appointment and others are in a series with multiple parts. Once completing a lesson from the chosen education program, the client will receive points. 

Shopping: The points that the client earns during the lesson portion of the appointment can then be used in the Baby Boutique. For larger items, a client may save points over time, but smaller items can be bought from the points in one lesson. 

Other Fun Facts:

A client can earn more points by completing homework, bringing a support person, or trading-in items (as approved by the center director). 

Additionally, some items are available at any appointment without the use of points. Maternity clothes, books, jewelry, and more are included in our Mom Shop. Up to five things can be chosen from the Mom Shop at any visit. There is also a shelf of pickup items at the checkout area that is always available for free.

As always, we are here to help! The EWYL program is intended to provide education and help for our clients. If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact us for an appointment.