Drawing exact conclusions about abortion and mental health is controversial. This is because women report a range of emotions after an abortion from relief through grief and depression. Sometimes a woman may feel relief at first then many years later feel grief or have unresolved feelings.

Every woman will experience abortion differently and the mental health impacts will vary. However, some individuals are at a higher risk of negative mental health effects.

Who Is Most at Risk for Negative Mental Health Effects?

Experts do agree that at least some women will experience significant mental health issues triggered, aggravated, caused, or complicated by abortion. 


Some risk factors for negative health impacts include:

  • A history of prior mental illness
  • Feeling pressured into abortion
  • Choosing abortion without sufficient attention to maternal desires
  • Choosing abortion without sufficient attention to moral beliefs

How Do I Know How I Might React?

You are the best predictor of how you will react to an abortion. No one can tell you how you will feel because they’re not you. 


Before making a decision, we suggest you ask yourself hard questions. These will help hint at how you might react.


  • Do I have a history of mental health that could be triggered by abortion?
  • If the procedure has complications, how would I react to trauma, such as bleeding? 
  • Am I comfortable with abortion being a part of my story?
  • Do I have any moral beliefs that conflict with abortion?
  • Do I have any maternal desires?
  • Will I be able to reconcile abortion with my self-identity?
  • Am I feeling pressured or is this completely my decision?


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