If you have recently had a positive pregnancy test at home, you may be wondering what your next step will be. Do I have pregnancy coverage on my insurance? What OB will I use? How do I know if this pregnancy is healthy? Am I ready to have a baby right now?  No matter what your circumstance, an early ultrasound can help you determine your steps.

At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, we want to help you make an informed decision regarding your pregnancy. One of the ways that we can help is by offering you an ultrasound that will determine the following things: the viability of the pregnancy, cardiac activity, and gestational age. 

  • The viability of the pregnancy basically means its ability to survive. Is the pregnancy in the uterus? Will this pregnancy be able to thrive or could a miscarriage be expected? 
  • Cardiac activity is whether or not there is a heartbeat present and is also related to the viability of the pregnancy. Depending on the gestational age, there should be a present and strong heartbeat that is visible. If it is not, a possible miscarriage would need to be ruled out by a physician. 
  • Gestational age is how far the pregnancy has progressed. The baby can be measured and an estimated due date will be determined. 

These three confirmations from an ultrasound can help you as you consider your options and may determine your pregnancy decision. At our center, we are able to offer a pregnancy test with a medical professional and a medical assessment to see if you are eligible for a free ultrasound with us. We want to offer you support in making your pregnancy decision by providing medical help, referral, options counseling, and more!  We are here for you!