Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and worried about the future—especially as you think about telling your parents. This is understandable, and your feelings are valid. 

However, there are certain strategies you can take to help you feel more confident and in control when telling your parents the news about your pregnancy. Read on to learn practical tips for preparing to tell your parents, or contact Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon to learn more about free, confidential services here to assist you in your pregnancy.

Learn All You Can About Your Pregnancy Options

Before telling your parents the news about your pregnancy, it’s critical to learn all you can about your pregnancy options. This will ensure you go into the conversation armed with the information you need to make your own decision without feeling swayed to choose an option you aren’t comfortable with. 

Your pregnancy options include parenting, adoption, and abortion. You don’t have to make up your mind about how to move forward yet, but fully understanding each option will help you feel more in control of the situation. 

At  the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, we offer Pregnancy Options Information consultations. During this safe, confidential appointment, you will be given the space to ask questions and learn about your options in a non-judgmental environment. 

Think About What You Want to Say

Thinking about what you want to say beforehand will help you go into the conversation feeling more prepared. Some things to consider include:

  • What do I want to include in our conversation? (For example, do I want to tell them what option I’m considering? Are my partner and I planning on staying together? etc.)
  • How will I react if my parents don’t respond how I hope?
  • How will I react if they try to persuade me to choose an option I’m not comfortable with?

You’re Not Alone

Navigating an unplanned pregnancy and thinking about how to tell your parents can feel scary, but you’re not alone in this. At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, we’re here for you. 

If you need someone to talk to and want to learn more about your options or discover no-cost resources, contact us today. All appointments and resources are free and confidential.