It can be difficult to know how to support your friend during her unexpected pregnancy—but your desire to do so is essential for your friend right now.

Whether you aren’t sure how best to support your friend, we’ve got you covered. This article will highlight essential ways you can be there for your friend in the ways she needs right now.

Actively Listen

More than anything, your friend likely needs someone to listen to her right now. She’s probably feeling all the feels right now, and allowing her to share her thoughts, feelings, and concerns will mean the world to her.

However, it’s important to go beyond simply listening to actively listen. Active listening means that you take the time to be fully present without any distractions.

Some tips for actively listening include:

  • Make eye contact.
  • Once your friend is done speaking, ask follow-up questions to encourage them to go deeper in their response. 

Active listening shows empathy and will help your friend feel supported by your desire to understand what they’re going through. 

Create a Safe Space

It is important to create a safe space where your friend feels comfortable sharing her thoughts and feelings. You want her to know you’re not judging or pressuring her to choose one option over another.

The physical space is also essential. Allow your friend to share where she feels most comfortable, whether in her home, outside or in a public setting.

Point Her to Resources

If your friend received a positive at-home pregnancy test, there are steps she needs to take to stay safe—the first of which is receiving a lab-quality pregnancy test and an accompanying ultrasound. These steps will confirm that your friend is pregnant, the gestational age of her pregnancy, and that it’s developing in the correct location. This information is important as your friend contemplates their next steps. 

At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, we offer these services for free. Help your friend get her confidential appointment scheduled today.