An adoption plan can prevent some depression caused by abortion by enabling women to carry to term and mitigate their sense of loss, or what could have been.

Mental Health After Abortion

The effects of abortion on mental health are impossible to generalize because every woman will react differently to abortion. Mayo Clinic says women can experience a variety of emotions from relief to loss, sadness, and guilt.

Experts have developed common ground on the issue though. They agree that at least some women will have significant mental health impacts from their abortion experience. 

This is especially the case for women who have maternal desires, conflicting moral beliefs, or a history of mental health issues. Also, women who feel pressured into an abortion decision are more likely to have negative mental health consequences.

How Can an Adoption Plan Help?

An adoption plan can help mitigate the sense of loss from abortion and put control in the birth mother’s hands. A woman who selects adoption will carry to term, deliver, and entrust her baby to the family of her choice.

The birth mother will set all the terms of the adoption plan by these answering questions: 

  • How much contact do I want with my child? 
  • Do I want to be known or anonymous?
  • What kind of life do I want my child to have?
  • Which family should I select for my child?

Birth mothers work with adoption professionals to make an adoption plan that fits their lifestyle and individual needs.

Is Adoption the Best Option for Me?

Only you can decide the best pregnancy option for you. However, if you are nervous and have doubts about abortion or are unsure if it’s the right decision your mental health, adoption could be the choice to consider.

Envision your life after abortion and after adoption. How do you feel? What are your concerns? Write them out and talk with a supportive friend, counselor, or family member. We can also be a listening ear. 

Make sure you’re certain before making a final pregnancy decision. 

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