Common Symptoms of Pregnancy 

Are you wondering if you could be pregnant? This article is going to walk through the top five signs and symptoms of pregnancy. If you are experiencing any or all of these, please contact us for a pregnancy test appointment. We are here to help!

One: Missed Period 

If your normally regular menstrual cycle does not make its appearance, this is a primary sign of pregnancy! Keeping track of your periods can help in knowing when you are late or have missed. If your periods are irregular, this can be a little more difficult; however, we would still suggest finding a way to log each time you have vaginal bleeding (whether typical heaviness or light).

Two: Nausea and/or Vomiting 

Many women report nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. For some women, this symptom is one of their first indications even before a missed period. Aversions to food that you normally enjoy or regular trips to “lose your lunch” can be a sign that you are pregnant. Although often called “morning sickness” many women find that this nausea is not confined to only the morning hours. 

Three: Breast Tenderness 

If suddenly you find that you can’t lay on your stomach or wear your favorite bra because your breasts feel so sore under any pressure, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Breast tenderness is a highly reported symptom. 

Four: Frequent Urination 

Do you feel like you’re constantly running back to the restroom even though your liquid intake hasn’t increased? Some women find that they have a constant “gotta pee” feeling while pregnant. Regular trips to the restroom are another pregnancy symptom to watch for. 

Five: Fatigue 

Even early in a pregnancy fatigue is common. Having that exhausted feeling, like you just need to sit or even sleep more often than usual, is a typical symptom of pregnancy. 


The Next Step 

If you’re experiencing symptoms, you need to take a test and find out if you are pregnant. We offer free lab quality pregnancy tests with a medical professional that can help you discuss your options and make a plan. Our Rincon office is open Monday through Friday, and we have a mobile unit in other locations. Contact us today to schedule your test.